Carrier Bag - Premium Transparent Bubble Capsule Pet Carriers for Small Cats, Kitten, Carry - Green Voyager Airline Approved Backpacks for Travel, Hiking, Walking, Outdoor


Carrier Bag - Premium Transparent Bubble Capsule Pet Carriers for Small Cats, Kitten, Carry - Green Voyager Airline Approved Backpacks for Travel, Hiking, Walking, Outdoor

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  • PREMIUM CAT CARRIER BACKPACK : Our pet backpack are crafted for the comfort of small to medium-sized cats, boasting dimensions of 16.5x13.4x9.8 inches and a weight capacity of 13 lbs. Experience ease of transport with the added convenience of adjustable chest and waist straps, ensuring a comfortable and secure journey for your feline companion.
  • 180-DEGREE VIEW SPACE CAPSULE : The clear, hard shell capsule front of our cat backpack bubble provides your kitty with a panoramic view of the world during your adventures. We understand how much pets love to observe their surroundings, and our transparent capsule backpack cat carrier ensures that your feline friend can enjoy every moment of the outside world.
  • SAFETY AND COMFORT OF CAT ACCESSORIES : Crafted from premium, claw-resistant materials, our clear backpack prioritize durability and strength. The breathable mesh sides ensure optimal ventilation, keeping your feline companion comfortably secure during travel. Inside, a removable mat adds an extra layer of comfort for your pet's journey.
  • TWO ENTRYWAYS AND GREAT VENTILATION : With two convenient entries, your cat can effortlessly enter and exit the cat back pack, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience. The thoughtful design includes nine ventilation holes—three on each side and three at the front—promoting optimal air circulation and ventilation to keep your feline companion comfortable during the journey.
  • PURFECT FOR ALL KINDS OF TRAVEL : Our pet backpack carrier are designed to align with airline pet-flying policies, offering you the opportunity to bring your beloved fur baby on your air travels. It's advisable to contact your chosen airline in advance to confirm specific regulations and ensure a smooth journey for both you and your cat.

Like many of you, we are inspired by our cats. After rescuing our first cat Andie from an abandoned backyard, we became “cat people” pretty much overnight.

We wanted to take her with us during our travels so we launched this company in New York City shortly after we brought him home. We’re grateful to run a company that is dedicated to nurturing the relationships hoomans have with their cats and to be a part of so many cat families around the world.

The Voyager Cat Backpack by the Travel Cat

This cat backpack gives your furbaby a full view of the world as you adventure in style. It is perfectly designed for small to medium-sized cats and features two additional entryways on either side. It also has a clip and bungee for you to attach a leash for extra security!

The Purr-fect Addition to Your Cat’s Travel Gear!

Cozy, Claw-Resistant Construction

Made with premium material that no cat has ever broken through, this carrier also has a removable mat to keep your cat comfortable inside. The air holes and strong mesh sides ensure complete breathability and airflow.

Amazing 180° Clear View

The clear hardshell bubble capsule front lets your fur baby fully enjoy the sights during your travels or routine trip to the vet. Its futuristic design not only looks paw-some on photos, but it will also greatly ease the anxiety of first-timers.

Great for All Travels

Comes with strong, adjustable shoulder and chest straps and safety buckles for hands-free security and comfort during long walks. It also complies with general airline pet-flying policies. (Contact your airline of choice before booking.)

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